PRAY: Music Heals

Commercial break from TRAVEL posts!

I saw this video on my Facebook feed just now:



I had to stop the video because I was already choking back tears a few seconds into it. Now I’m hiding inside the office pantry to watch the full video and write this post.

I know everyone has that “one song that changed my life.” I know everyone goes through rough times. I don’t have “one song that changed my life”, I have two bands that help me heal during two distinct situations, which I consider are the darkest periods of my life. I have been through the most unimaginable and I have seen things that I have thought only happens in the movies.

During these periods, despite being surrounded by people, I only found solace in three things: God, nature and music.

Maybe that’s why this video affected me so much. I know how the kid feels, listening to that song that saved you from helplessness. The song that made you realize you are not alone. The song that felt like it was written for you.

I can attest to how music can heal broken souls because it healed mine.


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