EAT: Rich Peanut Butter

I don’t like peanut butter.

But when this charming security guard came up to me offering me to try his special homemade peanut butter, I couldn’t say no. Especially when I saw that the label of his product has a Peanut Security Guard (PSG). HAHAHAHA! Adorable!13987124_10154491437532962_1566108507_o.jpg

I forgot about the bottle I bought until this morning, when I had it for breakfast.

And can I just say: this made me love peanut butter!!!


It’s super creamy; the sweetness is just right; and I also like that it’s very spreadable – store bought peanut butters are usually too thick to spread and almost always have no oil.

Where to find it:

Ask the first jollijeep on Rada St. coming from Legaspi St. in Makati about the security guard selling peanut butter. (I can’t mention the name of the bank where he is assigned).

Php100 for a big bottle.

Happy eating!




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